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This section of our website lists publications and fact sheets produced by the Faculty and Staff of the Miami-Dade County Extension office--grouped by program area. Some of these publications are provided in HTML (web) format; others are in PDF format; and some are in both formats. At the very bottom of this page is a list of links to additional articles located on the University of Florida's EDIS website.

(Note: Articles in PDF format can be downloaded and read/printed using the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for your web browser. If you do not have the Reader plug-in, download it for free from the Adobe website: )

Articles from the Local Media

This section provides the text of articles written by Miami-Dade County Extension personnel that have appeared in local media outlets. John McLaughlin has begun a column entitled "A Word or Two About Gardening," which has appeared in the Calkins Media newspapers, South Dade Newsleader and Palmetto Bay Leader, and which is intended for Miami-Dade homeowners. Click the links below to read the respective articles.

In-House Publications & Fact Sheets

Trees & Landscape Plants

For the latest information on planting trees please refer to "Planting Trees in Landscapes" by Dr. Ed Gilman

Pests, Diseases & Deficiencies

Landscape Maintenance

A Guide to Planting an African-American/African Focused Yard in Miami-Dade County

   Select those topics of interest from the menu below. A printed version of the complete  guide is available on request for residents of Miami-Dade County from the U.F./Miami-Dade County Extension Office.

Plants for use in a Traditional African American Yard in Miami-Dade

A Selection of Ornamental African Plants Suitable for the Miami-Dade Landscape

A Selection of African Palms and Cycads Suitable for the Miami-Dade Landscape

Resources and Links

Agricultural/Horticultural Safety

Drought & Water Conservation

Commercial Ornamental Production

Commercial Agriculture

Pesticide Training

Family Economic Stability

Food Safety

The primary source for University of Florida online publications is the Extension Digital Information Source (EDIS).  It is the official reference source for all current UF/IFAS reviewed and approved publications, both electronic and print-only. 

This electronic repository contains over 4,000 publications related to agriculture, natural resources, the environment, and human and rural development. The database is updated twice a week, so check back frequently for the latest information! Click on the EDIS icon to the left to go to the site.

Home Landscaping and Gardening Publications on EDIS


Choosing, Planting & Maintaining Landscape Plants & Trees

Planting, Maintaining & Irrigating Your Lawn

Other Irrigation Articles

Pest Control 

Yard Waste/Compost/Mulch

Attracting Wildlife

Miscellaneous Articles

Horticultural Links

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