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Florida is ranked No. 1 for the number with 940,000 registered boats in the U.S. surpassing Michigan and California. This number is projected to increase and may cause concerns for the sustainability of our natural resources and amplify for boating safety risks.  Below are links to educational programs for boaters to learn more about marine environmental practices, boating safety, and hurricane preparedness.

big blue hurr.jpg (40528 bytes)The published manual, Hurricane Preparedness for Marine Interests, was developed through the Florida Sea Grant Program, which is a member of the Miami-Dade Local Mitigation Strategy Working Group. It explains the proper ways to prepare boats for hurricanes and teaches marine safety for before, during and after a storm. The manual was funded through FEMA’s Project Impact. Hurricane Preparedness for Marine Interests.


CleanBoater.JPG (67214 bytes)Clean Marina/Boatyard Program - This program addresses clean water related to recreational boating.  The voluntary program consists of implementing best management practices to help you comply with regulations and go beyond environmental excellence. For further information, visit visit the program's website.



Get the latest weather conditions before you go boating. The Southeast Atlantic Coastal Ocean Observation System provides user friendly access to near real time data and time series ocean observations and modeling products. Visit the data access and mapping pages.

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