What is a Florida Yard?
(See pages 6-12 in FY&N Handbook)

A Typical Florida Yard

  1. Porous surfaces -- brick driveway and mulch paths -- allows water to soak into the ground
  2. Compost bin
  3. Wildlife habitat
  4. Practical lawn area
  5. Native plant buffer along shoreline
  6. Trees to shade southern and western sides of home
  1. Mulched plant beds
  2. Rain barrel
  3. Storm drains
  4. Street gutters and storm drains clear of dirt, fertilizers, and grass clippings
  5. Stormwater runoff from street
  6. Stormwater can flow from stormwater pond into lakes, rivers, and bays

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Table of Contents Introduction What is A Florida Yard? Right Plant, Right Place Water Efficiently Maximize Mulch
Recycle Yard Waste Fertilize Appropriately Manage Yard Pests Responsibly Reduce Stormwater Runoff Provide for Wildlife On the Waterfront
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