Every inch makes a difference. Whether it is mulching, mowing your lawn, or calibrating your irrigation system, a simple ruler can help you do it right.


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Florida Yards & Neighborhoods -- a program of the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service -- focuses on how yard care and design practices affect the environment. Many agencies provide funding and other forms of support to Florida Yards & Neighborhoods. These include the National Estuary Programs of Florida, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Water Management Districts, and local water and stormwater utilities. 

The Florida Department of Transportation District 7 and Tampa Bay Water provided funds for the creation of The Florida Yardstick Workbook. The editor of the original Workbook was Billie Lofland, and the designer was Tracey Copes of McShane & Moore Communications in Tampa. Special thanks to Extension staff, Master Gardeners, the Tampa Bay Regional Council/FDOT Public Education Subcommittee and the many Florida homeowners who assisted in the creation of The Florida Yardstick Workbook.

This on-line version of the Workbook was created by Indian River County Master Gardener Cheryl Tesnow and Miami-Dade County FYN Program Extension Agent Jody Haynes, and was edited by Indian River County Extension Director Dan Culbert.  For more information about Florida-friendly landscaping, contact your local county Extension office or visit the state FYN website at http://hort.ufl.edu/fyn.


Table of Contents Introduction What is A Florida Yard? Right Plant, Right Place Water Efficiently Maximize Mulch
Recycle Yard Waste Fertilize Appropriately Manage Yard Pests Responsibly Reduce Stormwater Runoff Provide for Wildlife On the Waterfront
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