Maximize Mulch
(See page 38 in FY&N Handbook)

ulch keeps moisture in the soil and moderates soil temperature. Mulch also reduces erosion and weeds. Mulch is often sold in bags, by the yard or by the "truck-load." So, how much mulch do you need for your yard?


MULCH: How much do you need to have the recommended depth of 3 inches?

By the bag:
1 bag containing 2 cubic feet covers 8 square feet (2 ft. X 4 ft.)

By the bale:
1 bale of pine straw covers 18 to 20 square feet.

By the yard:
1 cubic yard covers 108 square feet (9 ft. x 12 ft.)

Pull mulch away from stems 
and trunks to avoid stem rot.

By the truckload:
1 mini pickup holds 1-1/2 yards and covers 162 square feet (9 ft. X 18 ft.)

1 full-sized pickup holds 2-1/2 yards and covers 270 square feet (9 ft. x 30 ft.)



Keep a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch over the roots of trees, shrubs, and in plant beds.  Remember to leave at least 2 inches of space between the mulch and the plant's trunk or stem.  (Don't mulch citrus trees.) 
Credit:  2 inches
Replenish mulch once or twice a year, as needed to maintain a 2-3 inch depth.   
Credit:  1 inch
Create self-mulching areas under trees where leaves can stay where they fall.   
Credit:  1 inch
Use by-product or alternative mulches such as pine bark, eucalyptus and melaleuca, or use recycled mulches when available from your community. 
Credit:  1 inch

_____Total inches


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