here's no doubt about it. Successful garden and lawn care in Florida requires special knowledge and skills. The Florida Yardstick Workbook and its companion, A Guide to Environmentally Friendly Landscaping: Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Handbook, show you how to create attractive and healthy yards by working with Florida's environment, rather than against it.

This Workbook guides you through an evaluation of your yard and yard care practices. Each action you take (or have already taken) earns you "inches" or credits on the Florida Yardstick. A yard that "measures up" to at least 36 inches is a 'Florida Yard'! The payoff ? - A yard that meets your needs, enhances your neighborhood and helps protect Florida's natural beauty and natural resources.

You can use this Workbook in two ways.

You can first read the FY&N Handbook and then evaluate your yard and yard care practices. Or you can start with the Workbook and use the Handbook as a reference. Under each category in this Workbook you will find references to the corresponding pages in the Handbook.

The Horticulture staff and Master Gardener volunteers in your county's Cooperative Extension office can provide you with more information and answer questions. They can also tell you about additional services they may provide such as diagnostic tests, workshops, and on-site resources.

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is a 'Florida Yard'. Take this adventure a step at a time and have fun!

Table of Contents Introduction What is A Florida Yard? Right Plant, Right Place Water Efficiently Maximize Mulch
Recycle Yard Waste Fertilize Appropriately Manage Yard Pests Responsibly Reduce Stormwater Runoff Provide for Wildlife On the Waterfront
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