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Low-maintenance landscape plants for south Florida

Herbs & Vegetables


indicates plants commonly available in nurseries and/or garden centers in south Florida
indicates Florida native plants
 indicates plants that can tolerate wet soils or occasional flooding. 

Click on underlined scientific names for photos and/or more information.

Common name
Scientific name



Salt tolerance



Anethum graveolens


Full sun


Erect, freely branching, annual herb with fine, lacy, blue-green foliage. Seeds produce “dill” herb. Flowers small, yellow, and borne in large, rounded, umbrella-like clusters.  May bolt quickly to flowering during prolonged drought.

Orach, French spinach

Atriplex hortensis


Full sun


Usually grown for its tender, spinach-like leaves. Leaves can be green, yellowish-green, red or purple. Sometimes grown as bedding plant.

Caper bush

Capparis spinosa


Full sun


Elegant shrub often grown for its green capers—which are flower buds, pickled and salted. When allowed to flower, produces large, long-stemmed, pink or white flowers with long stamens. Leaves nearly round. Canopy open.

Cajanus cajan


Coriander, cilantro

Coriandrum sativum


Full sun


Fine, feathery foliage source of cilantro. Dried seeds are coriander. Small, white or pink flowers borne in flat-topped clusters. Requires well-drained soil. Suffers during humid, rainy weather; plant in fall or winter.

Sweet basil

Ocimum basilicum


Full sun


Mounding, perennial herb with densely branching, light green foliage and typical peppery-clove basil scent. Used as border plant. ‘Spicy Globe’ cultivar is best known ornamental basil. Continues to grow in summer if blossoms cut before setting seed.


Rosemarinus officinalis


Full sun


Evergreen, woody shrub with aromatic, needle-like leaves and gray, scaly bark. Easy to propagate from cuttings. Widely used as herb or nontraditional medicine. Upright forms perform best.

Mexican tarragon

Tagetes lucida


Full sun or partial shade


Semi-woody, bushy subshrub with many smooth, upright, unbranched stems. Yellow flowers in late fall. Requires well-drained soil. Soothing, aromatic herbal tea made from leaves. Also used in herbal vinegars.

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Scientific Name / Common Name Cross-Reference

Common Name / Scientific Name Cross-Reference

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