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Kristin Jimenez
2 February 2003

Kristin & Dave Jimenez love to attract wildlife to there landscape as you can see below. Kristin is a full time mother but, still finds time to work in her yard. Having received 53 points, her yard was designated a "Certified 'Florida-Yard'". The first photo below shows her and son Darrien sitting proudly next to there well-earned sign. The Jimenez property was officially certified on March 18, 2003 as a Florida Wildlife Habitat Area through our FYN program & the Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program.

Click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge them.

Kristin & Son Screech owl in Areca Palm, providing for wildlife (shelter). Photo by Dave Jimenez Kristin mentioned, when the weather gets cool these corn snakes make there way into stacked bricks that they use as planters. Photo by Dave Jimenez These nest boxes were built by Dave. Top box: Screech owl, Bottom box: Northern flicker woodpecker, 2 Middle boxes: misc.  
Rock garden, includes cacti and succulent plants which require little to no water.  Wildflowers to attract butterflies Male Cardinal photo by Dave Jimenez Bat house photo by Dave Jimenez
In this plant bed Kristin included three pine trees, one oak and several saw palmettos, all which are native and drought tolerant. Kristin & her family also own two dogs which she has taken into consideration when planning her landscape. This grass area has been designated for them. They have also used cacti and succulents along this back fence which does not require much water & can also can be used for security purposes. Determining grass patterns is also important when planning your landscape. Kristin mention that they would like to extend this existing bed with more native plants.
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