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Citrus Grove Elementary School

November 3, 2001, was a glorious day for gardening--even though Hurricane Michelle threatened south Florida with winds and rain. Jody Haynes, FYN Program Extension Agent, worked with Audrey Ordenes, Executive Director of Citizens for a Better South Florida (CFABSF), Mario Yanez with Regis House, and Citrus Grove's principal, Dr. Robert Russell, and his assistant, Ms. Michelle Sinclair, to create a wonderful FYN Demonstration Landscape on the north side of the school. Nearly 100 volunteers from Hands-On Miami assisted in planting over 250 native trees, shrubs, perennials, vines, and groundcovers in a 39' X 101' plot of bare ground that had been prepared the previous day using a back hoe. Funding for this project was graciously provided by CFABSF and Regis House.

On August 3, 2002, a second group of volunteers replanted a few plants that had perished, reapplied mulch, and installed a nice horizontal cocoplum hedge around the entire plot. Additional photos have been added of this second event.

Below is the landscape plan and plant list. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Also on this page are photos taken before, during, and after the creation of this wonderful new demonstration landscape. Click on the thumbnail photos to enlarge them.

"Before" photos
(taken 11 October 2001)

Photos of the landscape plot on the north side of Citrus Grove Elementary School 
that would become the new FYN Demonstration Landscape
"During" photos
( taken 1 November 2001)
FPL donated a truck load of mulch. The area was barricaded off during work. The backhoe operator from Chuck's Backhoe carefully tore up the grass and leveled the ground.
The backhoe operator then dumped 
the torn up sod into a dumpster.
The holes for the larger trees were then marked with fluorescent paint and dug with the backhoe.
( taken 3 November 2001)
On 2 Nov., Audrey, Mario Yanez & Jody laid pine bark mulch along the path. Early in the morning, before anyone else arrived, Mario Yanez, Mario Castellanos (CFABSF), Jody Haynes & Dr. Russell unloaded plants (truck provided by Redland Nursery of Homestead). The landscape plan was taped to the wall so that everyone would know which plants went where
Mario Yanez (Regis House) and Audrey Ordenes (CFABSF) prepare to get dirty Mr. Moore's school group was the first of the volunteers to arrive. Around 10:30 a.m., nearly 100 volunteers from Hands-On Miami arrived; they were first given initial instructions, and then helped install the plants in the demonstration landscape plot.
For the next few hours, volunteers continued to dig holes in the hard ground and install the plants.
Mario Yanez is discussing planting strategy with Mario Castellanos The majority of the plants were purchased by CFABSF; thanks, Audrey!!! Once the plants were all in place, they were mulched (mulch provided by FPL). Finally, the tall trees were anchored with ropes in anticipation of the approaching hurricane.
( taken 3 August 2002)
Early morning photos before work began. Cocoplum plants lined up waiting to be planted
The day was very hot, but the volunteers toiled tirelessly to install the plants and spread the mulch.
Success at last...thanks to Citizens for a Better South Florida, Regis House, Citrus Grove Elementary, and all the numerous volunteers who contributed to the planting of this beautiful landscape.
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