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North Dade Regional Library
Beautification Project

The first FYN Demonstration Landscape in Miami-Dade County was installed at North Dade Regional Library. This installation took place on April 15, 2001, as part of Team Metro’s Neighborhood P.R.I.D.E. Week kickoff event. Team Metro solicited donations for all plant materials and mulch, and FYN provided the landscape plan and planting expertise. A week before the event, a backhoe was used to dig the holes and install the large palms and trees. On the day of the event, personnel from the Miami Job Corps, Team Metro, the Public Library System, and various other groups and individuals volunteered their time and effort to install the smaller plants and trees, and to spread mulch over the entire demonstration area. What was once a large plot of dead and dying grass strewn with litter was converted into a beautiful landscape—thereby permanently enhancing the aesthetic quality and attractiveness of the library grounds.

To view a larger version of a photo, simply click on the corresponding thumbnail photo below:

"Before" photos of the library's 'landscape' areas
(taken 16 January 2001)
Main drive into library (off NW 24 Avenue) Future site of FYN Demonstration Landscape in the foreground (left) Raised landscaped area to right of main library entrance  Raised landscaped area to left of main library entrance
Large area north of main drive (along NW 24 Avenue) Another angle, showing the raised landscaped area to right of main entrance Small landscaped plot in the parking lot Future site of FYN Demonstration Landscape (along SW 183rd Street)
"During" photos of the FYN Demonstration Landscape
( taken prior to Neighborhood P.R.I.D.E. kickoff event)
Jody Haynes, FYN Program Extension Agent, marking holes where large palms will be planted (March 20) Ground cloth has been laid, and holes dug for the palms (April 3) Palms arrive (April 11) Palms were unloaded and moved to their final location with a backhoe.
Once set in place, the holes were back-filled around the palms. James Clausell (right; Chair, Community Council 4) and Jody Haynes (left) supervising palm planting Dani Berthold-Moise (left) and Nancy Randle-Durant (right) from the Team Metro North-Central office Row of Washingtonia palms is almost finished
( taken during the Neighborhood P.R.I.D.E. kickoff event -- 16 April 2001)
Miami Job Corps volunteers unloaded mulch and helped install plants. Silver buttonwoods and cardboard plants placed around the palms waiting to be planted Large central live oak tree will eventually shade three benches, which will be donated by homeowner associations in the area. Ceratozamia latifolia cycads with red new leaves
Luis Vargas from Team Metro--working hard! Team Metro employees installing plants The Carol City High Marching Band Jody Haynes thanking everyone for coming
"After" photos of the FYN Demonstration Landscape -- taken 4 June 2001
Various photos of the FYN Demonstration Landscape
Photos of just a few of the drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants
Native red mulberry
Morus rubra
Golden dewdrop
Duranta erecta
Tiger claw tree
Erythrina variegata
Shrimp plant
Justicia brandegeanna
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