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FYN Demonstration Landscapes

Demonstration landscapes represent an important component of the Florida Yards & Neighborhoods (FYN) Program in Miami-Dade County. Although the size, shape, and composition of the demonstration landscapes differ, they all have the following things in common: 

  1. they are installed on public property or property that is readily accessible to the public;

  2. they illustrate ‘Florida-friendly’ landscaping principles;

  3. they utilize drought-tolerant, low-maintenance plants;

  4. they contain educational signage on the nine FYN principles; and

  5. they either have no permanent irrigation systems, or they are fitted with microjet or similar low-volume systems. 

To date there have been 10 FYN Demonstration Landscapes installed in Miami-Dade County.

Below are photos of some of the FYN Demonstration Landscapes in Miami-Dade County. Click here to download/print our publication that lists descriptions and exact addresses for all of our FYN Demonstration Landscapes (379 Kb PDF file).

Certified Florida Yards

Another component of the Miami-Dade FYN program involves yard certifications. You can work through a checklist and rate your own yard using The Florida Yardstick Workbook. If your yard scores 36” or more on the ‘Florida Yardstick’, it qualifies as a Certified Florida Yard. Once your yard is certified, you will receive a certificate and a sign to place in your yard. Below are photos of the Certified Florida Yards in Miami-Dade County.


Backyard Wildlife Habitats

Our Miami-Dade FYN program is a partner of the University of Florida Extension program called the "Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat" Program, and is offering a second type of yard certification. The goal of this program is to help you landscape your property to attract birds and other wildlife, which is one of our nine FYN principles. This program includes information on how to design a wildlife refuge in your yard. Once your yard is certified, you will receive a certificate and a sign to place in your yard. Below are photos of the Backyard Wildlife Habitats in Miami-Dade County.

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