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Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program


The Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program (BWHP) is a free program administered by the Florida Wildlife Extension that will help you landscape your property to be more appealing to birds and other wildlife.

This program includes information on how to design a wildlife refuge in your yard.

Using detailed descriptions of your current or planned landscaping, we will provide tips on how to better attract and benefit desired wildlife species in your yard.

Upon completion, you will receive a personalized certificate and yard sign in recognition of your concern and efforts to provide food and cover for wildlife.

If you own or rent a residential property with at least 10 square yards that can be landscaped for wildlife, you can join the hundreds of Florida residents participating in the BWHP.

This program is being offered through a cooperative agreement between the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the Florida Wildlife Extension, and the Miami-Dade County Extension. The Florida Wildlife Extension is part of the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation in the Institute for Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida.

Click here to print an application for the Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program (500 Kb file)
Click here to print an order form for the
Landscaping for Florida's Wildlife
(200 Kb file)
Click here to print an order form for the
Planting a Refuge for Wildlife
(75 Kb Word file)

If you live in Miami-Dade County and are unable to download and/or print the BWHP application using the above link, please complete the form below and we will mail (by U.S. Mail) an application to you as soon as possible.

Note: If you do not live in Miami-Dade County but are interested in applying for the Florida Backyard Wildlife Habitat Program certificate, please click here to go to the statewide BWHP website.

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Florida Public Bird Monitoring Program

Did you ever wonder how your landscaping affects wildlife? Well now YOU can help find out by participating in a citizen-based bird-monitoring program. The Florida Bird Monitoring Program is a website where you can enter your bird survey data and view results from participants across Florida. Through this website, people can track which birds occur in their yards and communities over time. Property owners that are landscaping for wildlife can determine which landscaping strategies and management techniques work best in attracting certain bird species and improve the ecological design and maintenance of their yards. Click HERE to find out more about this bird-monitoring program.

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