Florida Sea Grant

For Volunteers

Volunteering is a very special way of supporting marine stewardship. Many opportunities are available for everyone through Florida Sea Grant Extension Service in Miami-Dade County.  Volunteers gain a strong appreciation of the natural resources while significantly contributing to the ongoing conservation and education efforts of the Sea Grant Program. Volunteers make a difference for our community! Check out the programs for yourself and get involved today!

Beach Cleanups

Beach Cleanups are a great opportunity to give something back to the oceans and waterways we all enjoy. But it is an educational opportunity, as well. Involvement in the coastal cleanups teaches children and families how trash travels, the importance of recycling and proper disposal, and most important, how individual actions can make a difference-for better or worse. Volunteers learn first hand that the problem starts with careless behavior, and that solutions are within their grasp.

Monofilament Fishing Line Recovery and Recycling (MRRP)

Monofilament Fishing Line Recovery and Recycling (MRRP)The MRRP program begin in 2003 in Miami. It has been dedicated to reducing entanglements of wildlife and protecting natural habitats. Volunteers adopt an outdoor recycling bin to monitor the amount of line collected and then take the line to a recycling station, usually located at a bait and tackle shop nearby. Volunteers can also help increase awareness by distributing brochures, flyers, and other educational materials to the public about fishing line recycling. A brief orientation/training will be given to  volunteers to guide them of their duties for which they agreed to conduct for a finite amount of time.

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Support Biscayne Bay Water Qualtiy

Beach Cleanups

Volunteer to clean up the beach!

Recover & Recycle
Fishing Line

Installing a fishing line recycling receptacle