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Recreational fishing is an important resource-based industry in Florida.  In fact, Florida is known as "The Fishing Capital of the World" ranking first in the country for number of people who fish in salt water. Regulations in catches and bag limits are implemented to help manage and prevent over-fished situations so that this important resource will flourish. Innovative and effective management tools such as circle hooks and venting tools are used to help maintain sustainable fish populations and to promote responsible use of the resource.

2014 Southeast Florida For-Hire Fishing Workshop

New Catch and Release Fishing Website by Florida Sea Grant!  Find the most up to date information on research-based catch and release practices to help protect marine fish.  http://www.catchandrelease.org/

Fish Descending Devices

Venting Tools

Venting Tools (720KB PDF) - Want to know which fish to vent and how to vent probably. The Sea Grant/Novak Venting tool was designed and developed by Florida Sea Grant in cooperation with Mote Marine Laboratory. It can be purchased from Aquatic Release Conservation, Inc. or call its toll-free number, 1-877-411-4272.

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Circle Hooks

Circle Hooks

Learn More about circle hooks, how they work and when to use them. (90KB PDF)

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