Rain Barrel Workshops

As part of Miami-Dade County Water and Sewer Department’s water conservation initiatives, the Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program offer rainwater harvesting workshops to educate Miami-Dade County residents on how to capture rainwater, why it can be beneficial, and how to install a rain barrel in the landscape.

Florida receives an average of 56 inches of rainfall per year. An inch of rainfall over a 1000sq.ft. area yields in excess of 600 gallons of water. A rain barrel is an inexpensive means of capturing and storing some of this water  for later use. By installing a rain barrel you will not only help reduce pollution from stormwater runoff, but also have a supply of free non-chlorinated Ph neutral water for watering your prize orchids, potted plants and much more!

Learn about water conservation issues and how to construct and install your very own rain barrel. We can bring the rain barrel & water conservation workshops to your:



Garden Club

Association Meetings


All rain barrel workshops include a showerhead and light bulb exchange courtesy of Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department.

Right Plant, Right Place and Plant Raffle

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Principle Right Plant, Right Place is #1 for a reason! Learn more about plants that grow in our unique South Florida environment that are drought tolerant and know where in your landscape they will thrive. We provide information and links to plant databases and bring plants grown in our shadehouse garden for you to take home to your garden at all Rain Barrel/Water Conservation Workshops. Plants are raffled at the end of the workshop.


Register Now!

Workshops are FREE. To purchase a rain barrel it's $40.  You must register ahead of time to purchase a rain barrel. Please sign up if you plan to attend one of the workshops below so we know how many people are attending.

For additional information contact
Barbara McAdam  305.248.3311 ext. 245


Payment must be made in the form of personal check or money order. We cannot accept cash. Credit cards can be used to purchase rain barrel through the Eventbrite registration.

Location & Time


July 16, 2017

Eventbrite Registration

Deering Estates

Discovery Days

16701 SW 72 Ave.
Miami, FL 33157

10am - 11:30am


August 26, 2017

Eventbrite Registration

Citizens for a Better S. Florida  

138 NW 16th Ave.   
Miami, FL 33125

 10:30am - 11:30am

Please note that Miami-Dade Cooperative Extension does not sell rain barrels. Rain barrels are made available only to individuals who attend educational workshops.

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Making a Rain Barrel (video)

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