Tropical Fruit Program

The Tropical Fruit Program is designed to help commercial tropical fruit growers with all aspects of production. Information and workshops are offered on a variety of topics, from specific crops to planting, fertilizing, pruning, and pest control. Please contact our Commercial Tropical Fruit Agent, Jeff Wasielewski, for further information.

Tropical Fruit Publications

There are many publications by the University of Florida that deal with tropical fruit. You can search for a particular topic on the EDIS website or visit any of these popular links.

Growing Avocados Successfully

Growing Lychees Successfully

Growing Longans Successfully

Growing Mangos Successfully

Videos on Tropical Fruit

Fruitscapes Website

Information on Tropical Fruit

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The Latest on Laurel Wilt - a Disease Impacting Avocados

Information on Laurel Wilt

Laurel Wilt Webpage

Homeowner Detection

Pest Alert Page

Food Safety

Food safety should now be a part of every commercial vegetable grower’s program.  There are several websites that provide excellent information and resources about Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs):

More Tropical Fruit Links


Need more information? Check out our Tropical Fruit & Related Publications.

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Jeff Wasielewski, M.S.
305-248-3311, ext. 227

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