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2009-2010 4-H/Tropicana Public Speaking Contest Information

 The Miami-Dade County 4H/Tropicana Public Speaking Program is an annual educational and competitive event for 4th and 5th graders in elementary schools, after school programs, and home school groups throughout the county. Funded by the Tropicana Products and organized by the Miami-Dade County 4-H Program, its aim is to introduce students to the importance of public speaking, and to teach them the basics of good speaking at a younger age than might otherwise be possible.

The program is structured for students to create, write, and present short speeches. Tropicana provides the educational materials for educators to present a series of prepared lessons on public speaking. Each classroom selects one student to compete in their school grade level competition.  The winners from the 4th & 5th grade level competition are sent to the county competition to represent their school. Ribbons, medallions and plaques for finalist, as well as certificates of participation for all students are provided by Tropicana.

Three Ways Students May Participate

There are three ways in which students may participate: (participating teachers choose the level of participation)




Certificate for all students & first, second, third place ribbons.

School-All 4th and/or 5th classes

First, second, third place medallions.

County-First place representative from each school

First, second, third place plaques & roving trophy for first place school.


How Do You Participate

If your school/after school/ or home school group is interested in participating, please download entry form (Tropicana Enrollment Form). All entry forms must be submitted to our office on or before January 8, 2010.

2007-2008 4-H/Tropicana Winners

Fourth Grade Winners:
Esther Coolidge (1st Place)
Elise Fernandez-Ledon (2nd Place)

Fifth Grade Winners:
Ryan Conde (1st Place)
Kimberly Foreiter (2nd Place)
Khalid Handan (3rd Place)
Joseph Kenyon (Honorary Mention)

Special Thanks
The Miami-Dade 4-H staff would like to thanks the South Dade Regional Public Library: Leoni Walther, Jeffrey Smith; and the judges: Rebecca Larotonda, Faye Finlay, Mario Goderich, and Chris Miller

 2007-2008 4-H/Tropicana Winning Speech
Fifth Grade Winner
Ryan Conde (1st Place) -"The Perfect Pet"
Carine Ghannoum (1st Place) –
Good Citizenship”

Download Section:


Online survery forms: coming soon

Free Award Samples:

By filling out the Tropican enrollment form you receive free curriculum, lesson plans, instructions on how to conduct a classroom and school competition, ability to send your first place winner of your school to the country competition, but most exciting of all is the free certificates, free ribbons, free medallions, and free plaque!!!!


Every youth that participates will receive a free certificate.


Every first, second and third place winners of the classroom competitions will receive ribbons.

Every first, second and third place winners of the school competition will receive medallions.


Every first, second and third place winners of the county competition will receive plaques.

Contact Information

To contact 4-H Agent Alex Diaz
Call: 305-592-8044

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